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Time off from studying Tai Chi at our school in China

Last Saturday, after a tough week studying Tai Ch, the coaches at the Yangshuo Tai Chi and Kung Fu School treated us to a barbeque on the banks of the beautiful Li Jiang River. The Li Jiang River is one of two rivers that run through Yangshuo, the other river being the Yulong. It’s the one of the big rivers in China and there is a nice beach formed in a bend of the river not far from the school, known locally as the ‘Secret Beach’.

Study and learn at our Tai Chi school in China - BBQ group shotAs our barbeque site is within easy walking distance, we loaded our bicycles and scooters with enough food and refreshments to feed the bellies and quench the thirsts of a hundred weary camels and set off for the day. We were joined by a few of the Chinese girls who work in the hotels in Shibanqiao who were all delighted to have an opportunity to practice their English and their swimming. Lately we had been experiencing our fair share of rain but today was a welcoming 28 degrees celsius. Consequently the beach was pretty busy but never the less we found a nice shady spot under the over hang of some trees.

Once we had claimed our picnic spot everyone went about collecting firewood while Fred, the school manager dug a fire pit. Others inflated the many floatation tubes and boats that were brought along for our enjoyment. While our instructors proceeded to cook us the most delicious chicken and fish over the hot coals, many of us went for a swim in the river or sat around and enjoyed the sun. One of the students brought a guitar along and a few songs were sun until the food was ready.

Study and learn at our Tai Chi school in China - BBQ eatingFred, prepared sticky rice for us which was cooked in a bamboo tube and placed on the heated coals. While all this was taking place we were having a great time swimming and playing games in the river with the picturesque karst mountains forming a breathtaking backdrop. They also roasted bananas wrapped in foil with slices of chocolate inside for desert.

After the sun had set it was eventually time to tidy our picnic area and head back to the school. With tired bodies we made our way back to the Tai Chi school. The day was enjoyed by all the students and instructors alike and we hope to be able to repeat this on a regular basis. Now we can look forward to another full week of studying Tai Chi in one of the most serene places in China.

Study and learn at our Tai Chi school in China - BBQ at Sunset

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Cameron Mc Dowall

Omeida English School vs. Yangshuo Tai Chi & Kung Fu School – Volley Ball Competition!

Yesterday evening, after a whole week of hard training in the heat of Southern China, instructors and students of the Yangshuo Tai Chi & Kung Fu School started the weekend with another kind of physical and mental challenge: a volley ball competition organized by the Omeida Language College.

Tai Chi School -vs- Omeida Language College Volley Ball Match

4 teams competed, 2 representing Omeida and 2 from our Tai Chi school, with one “Chinese team” and one “International team” for each school. The first game put the Omeida Chinese team up against the Tai Chi School International team. With a score of 25/15, it was an easy victory for us. In the second game, our Chinese team did well, but lost against the Omeida International team, 21/25.
For the finale, as the sun was setting and the day getting cooler, the heat among the players got higher and higher. Although nothing big was at stake, just the growing friendship between English and Tai Chi schools, the players took the game very seriously, especially the French students from both teams, with their legendary competitive spirit.

The finale game was saw a playoff with 2 winning rounds of 15 points between the two International teams. With both teams at equal level, the game proved to be exciting and enjoyable for both players and spectators. Indeed, the first round was won by Omeida, 15/13. The Tai Chi students evened up the score in the second round, 15/13. In that second round, one of the players from our school, actually one of our instructors, injured his ankle by diving to catch the ball. We hope Fred will get better soon, so that our students can still benefit from his professional Tai Chi coaching. Finally, in a very noisy ambience and with suspense at its peak, the players from both teams gave everything in the final round. While the Tai Chi International team was initially leading, in the second part of the round, the Omeida team rallied eventually our school lost. A very close victory, 13/15 for Omeida.

Winners and losers, as well as some supporters, all gathered after the game to enjoy a friendly and delicious dinner at one of the local restaurants of the city, Hidden Dragon. We drank to health, to sports, and to friendship!Roblox HackBigo Live Beans HackYUGIOH DUEL LINKS HACKPokemon Duel HackRoblox HackPixel Gun 3d HackGrowtopia HackClash Royale Hackmy cafe recipes stories hackMobile Legends HackMobile Strike Hack

Christine Leang

It’s lovely morning for some Sunday Tai Chi in Yangshuo

A soft breeze is blowing through a chestnut grove in southern China. With eyes closed, standing in Zhang Zhuang, I am happily enjoying myself, extending my peng, thoughts freely melting with the chirping of hundreds of birds. It is a day off in Master Fu’s Tai Chi school but many fellow students enjoy the opportunity to individually refresh what they have learned in past week.

Marko and Dragi practice Tai Chi in Yangshuo ChinaMeanwhile Master Fu is preparing to leave today for Henan province in North China, where he will be teaching hundreds of students in the school of his own master, Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. Every master is a disciple of his own master, Fu Nengbin is no different and has a great respect for his own master. How can one learn Tai Chi otherwise? To his own students Master Fu is an example of so many virtues, not only of martial arts, but also as a father and a friend. Students in the school appreciate this without even discussing the matter. We are proud to be disciples of such a master. All Master Fu’s instructors are young boys, but they all reflect the same respect and behaviour. Master Fu is raising them strictly.

Each time the class is finished,Master Fu, instructors and students share a meal at the dinner table where we all feel like one big family. This is one of the reasons why we come back to school every year. We are vegetarians, my wife and I, but everybody is so attentive. Master Fu personally sees that we get our wishes fulfilled. Uncle John, as we westerners call the cook, is an expert. Food is deliciously prepared but in a modest way and we are fed as though we are family members

My wife and myself are training hard, trying to comprehend, imprint and grasp basic principles of Tai Chi as taught by Master Fu. We understand that without firm foundation nothing can be built, so much more so in Tai Chi. Years of practice can be lost if one does not have the right teacher who is an expert himself and also able to transfer his experience to a student.

Master Fu will be coming to Slovenia in November this year, this will be the first visit ever of an elite Tai Chi master, coming from Chen Zhenglei’s school. Some of the students at our school in Slovenia have already undertaken the learning of Chen style. There’s quite a big interest to see Master Fu in Slovenia in general as it is not often that such renowned teacher will visit this small country. We hope that through Master Fu’s visit, our school can help to firmly establish Chen Zhenglei’s lineage in Slovenia too.

Marko & Dragi Bedina

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