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Yangshuo Tai Chi & Kungfu School 2013 Photoblog

Yangshuo Tai Chi & Kungfu School 2013 Photoblog

I thought I would share some personal experiences of the few weeks I spent training this winter. As usual the winter is a quiet time in school so you get excellent instruction of a very personal nature. I spent most of my time training-one-on one with Wangjian for five weeks with him giving me very detailed corrections on the Yilu Laojia. There was a masterclass for a couple of weeks and I was able to take part in that as well and train push hands (tuishou) which was fun.
Here you can see a few memories in the form of photoblog. Maybe some of the people you might recognize as each year the number of students is increasing. I owe many thanks to everyone who was at school and that made ​​the time I’ve spent (and will spend in the future) in school so worthwhile.

Yangshuo Tai Chi & Kungfu School 2013, a set on Flickr.

Roy Hanney - Learn about Qigong in ChinaRoy Hanney – is a university lecturer living and working in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. He practices taiji, qigong and yoga with a particular passion for Chen Style Taijiquan. In his spare time he makes films, authors websites and makes video art. He blogs about his encounters with Qigong and Daoist healing arts at his website: http://www.qigonginchina.com

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