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Johan Duquet – Push hands seminar in Slovenia, 2014


(foto: Jure Čeh)

For the third time in a row Johan Duquet will be conducting Chen Taiji Push Hands Seminar in the second weekend of April.

Johan, a student of Master Fu Nengbin, lives and teaches taiji in Valencia. Slovenian taiji fans know Johan since 2012 and 2013 when he held push hands seminar in Ljubljana. Everyone enjoyed his friendly approach and comprehensive interpretation and demonstration of the subject. He’s got a lot of experience in teaching  (taiji, baqua, sanda, kungfu) as well as in competing.

‘Push hands’ is not just a demonstration of martial aspect of taiji. It is an important integral part of drill in taijiquan. While we come to know our-self and our body through hand forms, we learn about our partner (opponent) through ‘listening’ and sparing with him/her.

Date: Saturday and Sunday, April 12 and 13, 2014
Place and time:  Ljubljana; Dvorana ŠPORT, Staničeva 41; 10-00-13.00 14.00-17.00
Price: 45€




Johan writes about the forthcoming seminar:

The focus of the seminar will be on understanding the Chen Taiji movements by looking at the “jin”s or forces that are the building blocks of the postures.

It will be shown how to divide the body into different parts with their different yet complementary actions. How to achieve that each part of the body helps the other parts.

We will dedicate sufficient time to learn to recognize strong and weak angles, inherent weaknesses and strengths of the human body. We’ll examine when to stay still and when and how to move.

Therefore we will study the 8 jin (Peng, Lu, Ji, An, Lie, Cai, Zhou, Kao) in a practical and playful way while integrating listening, understanding, adapting and emitting skills. All of this while maintaining proper alignment and structure.

We will drill single techniques so that we can integrate them later in our push hands training.

There will be a a lots of emphasis on how to use the feet and legs to stabilize yourself but also to trip, sweep, pressure, raise, … your opponent. Then we’ll need to study how to coordinate the actions of the upper body with those of the lower part.

The end goal is to combine techniques, footwork, the 8 jins, listening skills and body awareness into a dynamic and changeable way of practicing push hands.

more info and registration

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