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Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself

The above Chinese proverb tells us that a good teacher is inevitably important in achieving anything in life not to say in learning chen taijiquan. This martial art is far too difficult to be mastered only by imitating or seeing a teacher on a video or even in a class. If one could learn by way of seeing and listening only then there would be no dearth of good masters today in the world. But no! A good teacher has to lead a disciple step by step, helping him to become aware of both, body and its movement and then to overcome the difficulties as well.

Or as our saying goes; a teacher first needs to point to a student that there is a door and then opens it at appropriate time. This last would usually happen only through student’s sincere and persistent effort.

Master Fu and Laou

Master Fu with Laowu (Photo: Roy Hanney)

This post was inspired when a friend of mine posted a photo of Master Fu Nengbin giving instructions to his coaches. The young boy on the picture is one of the best coaches in Master Fu’s school. And what impressed me the most is the dedication and spirit of both – the master and the student.

Marko and Dragi Bedina; Taiji – Zlati petelin

Seminar with Master Fu in Slovenia 2012

Master Fu visited Slovenia for the first time after a whole year of eager anticipation of many students. He held a successful seminar in Ljubljana from November 5th to 13th, 2012 and many have felt it was too short, although nine days of training was quite an adventure for most of the attendees. But Master Fu’s subtle sense for sensing tiredness banished all fatigue by dynamically leading a group of 50 or so people to enjoy every minute of training.

Video on Youtube (for English / Slovenian subtiles switch on ‘cc’):

He based his seminar on short form 18, founded by his venerate teacher, Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, so that students could grasp the fundamentals of taijiquan. Basics were explained and afterwards practiced in depth to the effect that whole group learned complete the short form irrespective of an individual’s level of taijiquan. Since most of the students already knew the long form, the Laojia yilu, Master Fu also outlined certain points from the long form.

The schedule was intensive as it is at Master Fu’s Yangshuo school. But the seminar organizers also took time out to show Master Fu around Slovenia and he was impressed by the beauty of the country. In spite of a rainy week there was a sunny afternoon which gave us the opportunity to have a relaxed walk in the woods. On another beautiful sunny day we also had a walk to the charming crystal clear Lake of Bled where Master Fu enjoyed himself, playing around with ducks and swans, tasting famous local sweets and taking numerous photos.

 Master Fu in Slovenia

Master Fu Nengbin – 傅能斌, Bled, Slovenia, 9. November 2012
more in photo-album

A group of students, on a free Sunday also showed their guest the famous Postojna cave, one of the world’s wonders. But the height of the program was a public performance on the same day. National TV also covered the event shooting some interviews and broadcasting the event. All the students performed together the short form 18 as one harmonious group and there were also some group and individual performances by the attendees of the seminar. Master Fu had demonstrated the sword and xinjia with swift accuracy, delicacy, gracefulness and elegance – breathtaking.watch The Ridiculous 6 2015 movie now

Video on Youtube:

There was one common wish of all the students – Master Fu, please, come back next year again!

Marko Bedina

Zhaopei cup Tai Chi Kung Fu Elite Tournament 2012

Report* from the competition that was organized by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei at 120th anniversary of the birth of his own master Chen Zhaopei. The competition took place at Henan in China from 19th to 21st August 2012. It was attended by a ten member team from the school of Master Fu from Yangshuo, China.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

*The following video was produced and narrated by Marko and Dragi, Taiji – Zlati petelin, Slovenia; so do not forget to turn on captions (press the small button ‘cc’ on the lower right corner of the video) with English subtitles in case they are turned off.

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