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Yangshuo Tai Chi & Kungfu School 2013 Photoblog

Yangshuo Tai Chi & Kungfu School 2013 Photoblog

Pensé que podría compartir unas experiencias personales de estas últimas semanas que pasé entrenando este invierno. Como de costumbre el invierno es un momento muy tranquilo en la escuela por lo que recibe una instrucción excelente a un nivel muy personalisado. Pasé la mayoria de loas 5 semanas con Wanjian recibiendo de él unas correcciones muy detalladas de Laojia Yilu. Hubo una masterclass por un par de semanas y tuve la oportunidad de entrenar mucho empuje de manos (tuishou) que fue muy divertido.

Aqui os dejo unas memorias en forma de fotoblog. Quizas reconocerás algunas personas ya que cada año va incrementando la cantidad de alumnos. Los chicos se hacen más mayores y entonces a veces se van a otras ciudades para enseñar.

Debo mil gracias a todo el mundo que estuvo en la escuela y que hizo que el tiempo que ya he pasado (y pasaré en el futuro) en la escuela valió la pena.

Yangshuo Tai Chi & Kungfu School 2013, a set on Flickr.

Tai Chi Student Roy Hanney returns to China

This June a regular student at the Yangshuo Tai Chi and Kung Fu School will return to southern China to spend the summer training with us. We asked Roy what he likes about the school and what he wants to learn this summer.

Roy Hanney Training at Yangshuo Tai Chi School China“Well I first came to the school in 2009 and spent a week learning the short form. Then I came back for longer the following summer to learn the Laojia and stayed for 6 weeks. In the UK where I normally, live I train at the Seven Stars Yoga and Tai Chi School in Portsmouth. The teacher there, Andy Cullen is very experienced and we learn Yang Style with him. Last year I started teaching beginners under his supervision and I hope to do more of this when I get back to the UK. Making the change from Yang Style to Chen style has been very challenging but also very rewarding”.
“The important thing about the school for me is that the quality of teaching is very high. Master Fu always makes an effort to coach you when you need it and the attention you get from the assistant instructors is excellent. Of course the sense of community there is really nice as you live, eat and sleep with each other 24/7. One of the things I am very much looking forward to is a late afternoon swim in the river Li after training”.

“The long term aim for me is to get to a level where I can teach back in the UK. There are a few Chen style schools in England but not many following the lineage from GM Chen Zhenglai. This makes it difficult to get good instruction unless I come to China. With any luck I may get the chance to learn the Laojia Erliu this summer and for someone my age and fitness that is going to be very challenging”.

We all look forward to seeing you again Roy and hope we can make your stay this summer a worthwhile one.

Roy Hanney - Learn about Qigong in ChinaRoy Hanney – is a university lecturer living and working in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. He practices taiji, qigong and yoga with a particular passion for Chen Style Taijiquan. In his spare time he makes films, authors websites and makes video art. He blogs about his encounters with Qigong and Daoist healing arts at his website: http://www.qigonginchina.com

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