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Returning to learn Tai Chi at Yangshuo Tai Chi School

Learning Tai Chi Yangshuo China Autumn 2013Well with a weeks holiday for the National Day celebrations I booked a flight to Yangshuo for a return visit to the Yangshuo Tai Chi and Kung Fu School. This summer gone I gave up the chance to study tai chi at the school in favour of spending 6 weeks learning Chinese which was a good decision. None the less I did miss the school and felt very conflicted all the while I was in Yangshuo. So a week at the school seemed like a good idea to take some time to further learn tai chi at the school and it was. Unfortunately Master Fu was away in Zhejiang teaching a master class. Never mind though cause the wonderful Fu Weizuo was there and he is such a great teacher with a natural passion. I also had my first class with Moyu as instructor which shows how his confidence and skills are growing as well.

Training is always hard when you haven’t been at the school for a long time as it takes a while to build your fitness and a week is never long enough to do this. Consequently by Wednesday I was sore all over and took the afternoon off to have a rest and a very painful massage. I think every muscle ached and I whimpered like a baby under the masseurs hands. Still no pain no gain is what they say.

By Thursday of course I was starting to feel the benefit of daily practice and began to get the feeling back again. Even felt as though, at moments my movements were connected. Silly fantasy I know and my instructor was quick to point out that while I looked relaxed and fluid my movements looked all disconnected. So much for progress. The more you practice the harder it gets to improve, especially as you move on from the beginner level (I feel after 5 years I am entitled to hold my head up and claim to be a little more than a beginner… well only a little more).

I left the school on the Saturday, as usual, wanting more and feeling very motivated. Now all I have to do is translate that into my life at home and get some practice done!

For the full set of photos have a look at my photoblog for the week HERE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/royhanney/sets/72157636347101744/

All the photos can be downloaded hi-res (only taken on an iphone).

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