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Master Fu

Master Fu Nengbin

Born in 1969, he grew up in Feng Cheng Gang City, Guangxi. Master Fu started studying martial arts at the age of 13 and in 1989 he attended the Pingdinshan Taiji Wushu Academy of Hunan where he excelled in the study of Wushu, going on to graduate from the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education in 1993. In addition to Tai Chi Chuan he was trained in Nan Quan, free fighting, broad sword, spear, sword and staff.

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From 1994 to 1998 Master Fu held the post of general coach for the Guangxi Nanfang Wushu General Gym and was also the head coach for the Guangxi Province Kong Fu team. He has coached Wushu teams in Guangxi and Guandong and since 1999 has held the posts of General Coach of Guangxi Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Training Centre and Senior Coach for the Chenjiagou Village Tai Chi Chuan Gym in Henan. In both places he occasionally gives special seminars to international Tai Chi masters as well as being an adviser for more than ten Wushu organizations and teams in China and abroad. He is also a committee member of the Guangxi Wushu Association.

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Master Fu has won the National Wushu Push Hands Championship 5 times in a row and also won the International Wushu Push hands championship 4 times in a row. He took 1st place in push hands in his first ever national competition in Henan and placed second in his first national Wushu competition. He has won 17 gold medals and 9 silver medals in Tai Chi Chuan, sword, broad sword and push hands. Amongst many other competitions he has participated in the Wenxian County International Tai Chi Chuan Annual Meeting of China, International Tai Chi Chuan competition in Guilin and Zhuhai and the first session of the World Traditional Wushu Festival.

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He started teaching Tai Chi Chuan in 1990 and Wushu in 1994. Under his instruction his students have won over 50 medals in national and international Tai Chi Chuan competitions. He has trained both Chinese and international military as well as police forces. Several thousand foreign students have studied Tai Chi Chuan with Master Fu. Since 1999 he has assisted his master, Chen Zhenglei in teaching Chen Style Taiji and Push Hands at international seminars. He often accompanies Master Chen Zhenglei to many places in China and abroad for teaching and performing Tai Chi Chuan. Since 1999 he has held classes at Guanxi University and has been recognised by the state of China as a State Social Wushu instructor with authority to undertake teacher training.

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Master Fu’s curriculum vitae was noted in the History of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan. He has been featured on numerous television programs and publications including The Guangxi Daily, Guangzhou Daily and Nanguo Press.

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In the Fall of 2006 he opened his new school, Yangshuo Tai Chi and Kung Fu School near Guilin, China. He currently lives and teaches there with his son and staff.