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The School

Yangshuo Nengda Taichi & Kung Fu School

Training Taichi at the school

We welcome all levels at the school, from beginners to advanced practitioners. It doesn’t matter what your age or level of fitness is we will tailor our training to suit your needs.

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Instruction is supervised by Master Fu Nengbin, one of the top Tai Chi Chuan Chen Style masters in China today. All of our teachers speak English and Chinese so you will easily understand instruction. We aim to provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which you can learn a sound foundation in Tai Chi Quan. One that will not only teach you the beautiful physical movements of the forms, but will provide you the basis for lifelong improvement and enable you to stimulate your internal energy (referred to as “chi”).

Our students are from all over the world and you will have the opportunity to mix with Chinese and international students during your stay with us. Many of our students are learning Tai Chi for just for pleasure, while others are studying for competition preparation and teacher training. Some of our students are staying for a few months or even years but we also welcome those who want to book just a few days or hours.

Classes are 5 days a week (Monday to Friday), five hours per day, divided into morning (9.30am-12.00pm) and afternoon (3.00pm-5.30pm) sessions. Private classes are available upon request.


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Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Courses Available

  • Tai Chi Foundations: Silk reeling, Hand work, Foot work, Qigong,
  • Chen style 18 movements,
  • Old Chen style First Form 74 movements (chen shi lao jia yi lu),
  • Old Chen style Second Form (chen shi lao jia er lu),
  • New Chen style First Form 83 movements (chen shi xin jia yi lu),
  • New Chen style Second Form (chen shi xin jia er lu),
  • Chen style weapons: straight sword, broad sword, staff and spear,
  • Push hands and application training (tuishou).




Staying at the School

Recently built, the school offers a number of bright and spacious double rooms and there are two single rooms available. Facilities include: private bathroom, air-conditioning, free wifi/internet, western toilets and hot water is available 24/7.

School View and Accomodation

Accommodation at the school is limited, therefore preference will be given to long term students. However should there be no availability on the premises, the school will assist in booking accommodation at a nearby hotel or hostel. The hotels below are all situated in the village a few minutes walk from the school.

Yangshuo Village Retreat Hotel

Carpe Diem Hostel

Yangshuo Cosy Garden Hostel

Cosy Garden Hostel

Yangshuo Village Retreat Hotel

Village Retreat Hotel

Students are served three traditional Chinese meals a day made from fresh local produce, often picked from the school’s herb and vegetable garden. A special meal plan can be arranged for kosher, vegetarian and other special dietary needs.Food School Page 004

Getting a visa for your stay in China

You will need a visa to enter China and it should cover the period of your stay at the school and you must get this before you arrive in China. Unfortunately the school is not able to issues letters of invitation to support your visa application. However most of our students find it is very easy to get a tourist visa and multiple entry visas for 12 months are now commonly issued in advance of travel. For detailed visa information have a look at Travel Guide China and please read the small print.


Tai Chi School Teaching Montage

Tai Chi School Teaching Montage