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Time off from studying Tai Chi at our school in China

Last Saturday, after a tough week studying Tai Ch, the coaches at the Yangshuo Tai Chi and Kung Fu School treated us to a barbeque on the banks of the beautiful Li Jiang River. The Li Jiang River is one of two rivers that run through Yangshuo, the other river being the Yulong. It’s the one of the big rivers in China and there is a nice beach formed in a bend of the river not far from the school, known locally as the ‘Secret Beach’.

Study and learn at our Tai Chi school in China - BBQ group shotAs our barbeque site is within easy walking distance, we loaded our bicycles and scooters with enough food and refreshments to feed the bellies and quench the thirsts of a hundred weary camels and set off for the day. We were joined by a few of the Chinese girls who work in the hotels in Shibanqiao who were all delighted to have an opportunity to practice their English and their swimming. Lately we had been experiencing our fair share of rain but today was a welcoming 28 degrees celsius. Consequently the beach was pretty busy but never the less we found a nice shady spot under the over hang of some trees.

Once we had claimed our picnic spot everyone went about collecting firewood while Fred, the school manager dug a fire pit. Others inflated the many floatation tubes and boats that were brought along for our enjoyment. While our instructors proceeded to cook us the most delicious chicken and fish over the hot coals, many of us went for a swim in the river or sat around and enjoyed the sun. One of the students brought a guitar along and a few songs were sun until the food was ready.

Study and learn at our Tai Chi school in China - BBQ eatingFred, prepared sticky rice for us which was cooked in a bamboo tube and placed on the heated coals. While all this was taking place we were having a great time swimming and playing games in the river with the picturesque karst mountains forming a breathtaking backdrop. They also roasted bananas wrapped in foil with slices of chocolate inside for desert.

After the sun had set it was eventually time to tidy our picnic area and head back to the school. With tired bodies we made our way back to the Tai Chi school. The day was enjoyed by all the students and instructors alike and we hope to be able to repeat this on a regular basis. Now we can look forward to another full week of studying Tai Chi in one of the most serene places in China.

Study and learn at our Tai Chi school in China - BBQ at Sunset

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Cameron Mc Dowall

  1. One of the numerous sweet moments I have shared with my taichi brothers and sisters from Master Fu’s school… 🙂

  2. it was a great moment with lovely friends..thank you from France

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